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If someone asks you about features of automobiles, your obvious answer is vehicle speed. It is one of the important features of autos. The speed of automobiles is handled by its gear system and the auto part is known as transmission or transaxle. Every gear allows driving vehicle in certain speed range. From the evolution of automobiles, various changes and types were introduced in transmissions to offer enhanced speed and control. With technological advancement, 4 speed transmission brought amazing effects in the speed of automobiles.

If you go through history of four speed transmissions, you will find that General Motors, well-known car manufacturers, used four-speed Muncie transmission for their cars in 1963 to 1975. This transmission was based on T-10 design. After many changes over time, T10 transmission was replaced by Muncie transmission in late 1963. After 1975, smog pumps, catalytic converters and low horsepower were introduced. These new inventions led to termination of Muncie transmission and reintroduction of T-10 transmission with new name Super T-10.

If you are looking for 4 speed transmission, you can find different types of it. You can get 4 speed manual transmission as well as 4 speed auto transmission. Nowadays, there are 5 speed transmissions, 6 speed transmissions and trucks have more speed transmissions. Transmission is expensive auto part. You can opt for buying used transmission. However, it is very important to get reliable and trustworthy source for transmission to avoid disappointments and wastage of money. We are the leading auto parts store having more than 100,000 transmissions and transaxles in our inventory.

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